Amir Khan Vs Carlos Molina Live Boxing Fight 15th December 2012


Here we will discuss Amir Khan Vs Carlos Molina Live Boxing Fight 15th December 2012. We are completely sure that this boxing match will going to be excited and thrilling. On 15th December, Amir Khan will fight Carlos Molina. He strongly believes that he should score maximum for getting convincing win against unbeaten match with Carlos Molina. Moreover, he also announced Virgil Hunter his new head trainer.

In additionally, the December date is not officially announced and the boxing fight match will be taking place in USA. The career of Amir Khan has lurched dangerously in the past few 11 months. Now we would like to discuss briefly the biography of Amir Khan and Carlos Molina.

Amir Khan Vs Carlos Molina Live Boxing Fight

Firstly, we will discuss the important points of Amir Khan. His date of birth is 8th December 1986 and his nationality is UK. His height is 5 feet and 10 inches and style is boxer. His Alias is King and his weight class is light weight. Now we would like to discuss the brief introduction of Carlos Molina. His date of birthday is 18th November 1985 and his nationality is United States. His height is five feet and six inches and his style is boxer.

Moreover, Amir Khan mentioned the reason of changing his trainer is that he faced the lack of training time with the Roach so he changed his trainer. Now Amir Khan is ready to face or fight boxing match with the Carlos Molina. He also said that he managed or changed a lot of stuff for his upcoming match.

The foremost change is the trainer which is considered to be the major part of his match. Lastly, we said that he still not 100 percent fit and he still needs improvement. Through improvement, he will not repeat his previous mistakes. So all fans of boxing and those who want to see Amir Khan in action they should not forget to watch this boxing match. Again we would like to mention the schedule or date of Amir Khan Vs Carlos Molina boxing fight match. So that fans will not forget to watch this match and they should remember this mach.

So all boxing lovers who would love to watch Amir Khan in action they should watch this match. We are hundred percent sure that all his fans will definitely like this match.



5′ 10″ 5 ‘6″
140 135
DECEMBER 18, 1986 NOVEMBER 18, 1985
25 27
WON 26 / LOST 3 / DRAWN 0 / KO’S 18 WON 17 / LOST 0 / DRAWN 1 / KO’S 7


Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina Fight Schedule and Details

12 Rounds Match

Title: Junior Welterweights

Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina

Date: 15th December 2012.

Venue: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena

Local Time: 10:30 p.m. ET/PT

United Kingdom Time: at 1:00 a.m. GMT on December 16

Round By Round Scorecard

Round 1

Khan 10-9 Molina

Round 2

Khan 20-18 Molina

Round 3

Khan 30-27 Molina

 Round 4

Khan 40-36 Molina

Round 5

Khan 50-45 Molina

Round 6

Khan 60-54 Molina

Round 7

Khan 70-63 Molina

Round 8

Khan 80-72 Molina

Round 9

Khan 90-81 Molina

Round 10

Khan wins by 10th-round retirement

Amir Khan Beats Carlos Molina

Pakistani origin British boxer AmirKhan won Super Light Weight WBC title by knocking out US boxer Carlos Molina

Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina News:

Peoples Waiting For Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina Fight: All the fans and lovers of Amir Khan and Carlos Molina are curiously waiting for the day of 15th December 2012 when they will cheer up their favorite players for reaching to the success.

Fight of Amir Khan Vs Carlos Molina: Fight of Amir Khan Vs Carlos Molina will be held on 15th December 2012. This match will surely be a nail biting match for the fans of both the boxers and especially for the lovers of Amir Khan because this match will decide his future in the world of boxing.

Amir Khan Made A Mistake Fighting Me Carlos Molina: Carlos Molina has officially made the statement that Amir Khan made a mistake for fighting with me.  Carlos has been listed as one of the top boxers of United Nation and for the last few years he has been undoubtedly unbeaten in the boxing ring.

Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina Match ResultsThe Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina match results for all their fans. The officials of the match have declared that this match will be taking place live on 15th December 2012.

Amir Khan Picked Wrong Opponent Carlos Molina TrainerCarlos Molina trainer stated that Amir Khan has picked a wrong opponent for the 15th December 2012 match. Amir Khan has been making a comeback with this match so it was much imperative for him to make the choice of some weak contender but Amir Khan surely have to pay back the biggest amount for this blunder.



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