Honda Civic 2014 Price in Pakistan

Honda Civic 2014 Price in Pakistan: Honda Civic is one of the most reliable for a smooth and comfortable journey. It is undoubtedly a well-known name in the auto mobile industry. Honda Civic is an outstanding vehicle which has been passing through a number of modifications since its introduction to the market in 1972 for the first time. Firstly it was a small two-door vehicle back at that time. The same year, it was transformed into a three-door hatchback. From then onwards, manufacturers kept on enhancing the features of the vehicle.

Now it is available in 3-door and 5-door versions. It remained so till its third generation. However, the fourth generation of this luxury auto mobile came out with a completely revamped look. Today, therefore, Honda Civic 2014 is a four door vehicle with the sedan body type.

Honda Civic 2014 Model

Features: Honda Civic 2014 comes up with several up-to-date safety features that are found in all the new models. These amazing features make it the most luxurious cars. These include Anti-Lock Brake Systems, Electronic Brake Distribution and Vehicle Stability Assistance. A multi link rear suspension is another prominent addition to the modern Civic which helps the vehicle deal with poor road conditions.

Luxuriant Versions: The last two versions are the most luxuriant ones, giving you the convenience of automatic transmission as well as navigation.Luxury is the word which describes the interior of Civic in the most comprehensive way.

Navigation system: Now finding your way to your required destination will never be a difficult task. The navigation system will always help you to locate your current position you will never find yourself lost.

Fuel Efficiency: All the seven trims of Honda Civic possess the same basic specifications for their engine. This 1.8 L standard engine is capable of producing 140 horsepower thrust.

Mileage: The highway mileage is 36 mpg while the city mileage is up to 28 mpg. This attract the buyers toward it.

Plush Interior: What car lovers like most about this majestic vehicle is its fuel economy as well as the plush interior.

Comfort: It is perfectly comfortable as it has no disturbing sounds from the car’s engine that spoils your peaceful trip.

Seating: The car has sufficient room for three passengers at the rear seating arrangement. And the total seating capacity equal to five.Plus, the rear seats also have arm rest along with cup and bottle holders.

New Honda Civic 2014 Model

Other Features:

  • The driver enjoys an extremely smooth steering wheel with having adjustable facility.
  • The rest of the passengers also have a memorable experience in the air-conditioned interior.
  • CD player and FM radio facility also make the journey memorable.
  • Other many features like a digital speedometer and warning system for empty fuel tank and open doors add to the driver’s convenience.
  • The front grille has two crystal headlights on each side to add to the vehicle’s stunning appearance.

6 Decent Shades:

Civic is available in six amazing colours. It maintains its elegance through Taffeta White and Alabaster Silver colours. On the other hand, it also manages to carry a bolder and more confident look in Carnelian Red and Crystal Black.


Honda civic 2014 is the name for an extremely stylish sedan which runs efficiently and smoothly and has affordable Honda Civic Price. Technology makes it more safe for the passengers. This comfortable vehicle is, therefore, the right choice for anyone who desires a safe and comfortable journey with their family in an elegant auto mobile. Honda Civic Pakistan is, in fact, a high rated auto mobile in the Pakistani market. The high price is, therefore, justified for all the luxury and convenience the vehicle brings to you.

Honda Civic 2014 i-V TEC Manual Transmission Price Rs: 1,986,000

Honda Civic 2014 i-V TEC Prosmatec Price Rs: 2,107,000

Honda Civic 2014 VTi Oriel – Manual Price Rs: 2,218,000

Honda Civic 2014 VTi Oriel – Prosmatec Price Rs: 2,339,000

Honda Civic 2014

Available Trims:

In the international market, the 2103 version of Civic sedan has come out with seven trims mentioned below:

  • LX 5-speed manual transmission
  • LX 5-speed automatic transmission
  • HF 5-speed automatic transmission
  • EX 5-speed automatic transmission
  • EX-L 5-speed automatic transmission
  • EX 5-speed automatic transmission along with navigation
  • EX-L 5-speed automatic transmission along with navigation

The precise and comprehensive Honda Civic review will help you make a decision regarding the selection of the best travelling companion.

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