Honda Civic Tourer 2014 Price And Its Features

Honda Civic Tourer 2014 Price  And Its Features: The Honda Civic tourer which is to be launched in Europe 2014 is a world first Adaptive Damper system,the Japanese automaker has announced.

Civic Tourer is a production version of Civic Wagon concept which was introduced at Geneva Motor Show in March 2013 ago.

According to the Honda,civic tourer will be the first production model to feature a system,which was developed to increase stability and control under different load and driving condition that civic tourers is likely to experience.

Honda Civic Tourer 2014 Price  And Its Features

Honda Civic Tourer

The system will offer three different modes

  • 1-Dynamic
  • 2-Normal
  • 3-Comfort

The design and development of Honda civic tourer happened at Honda’s UK and German-based R and D centers and it will be built in Swindon.

Honda civic tourer has 624-litre boot ,which is 147 lite bigger than standard Civic hatchback and 218 liters bigger than Honda Accord Tourers estate.

  • It increases to a whooping 1,688 liters with a rear seats down which is bigger than many of its competitors.
  • New Honda civic is almost absolutely the same size as the normal hatchback version but features a raised roof at the rear to improve the boot space and practically of the car.
  • Its back seats portion feels much improved.
  • This gorgeous car also gets Honda’s special rear seats that can be folded completely flat.
  • It even allow room for whee chair users to get in the back of the car.
  • Wide opening at the rear of this fantastic car offer good access to the boot.
  • Its is available with 1.6 liter i-D ETC diesel ck model,which emits 94g/km of CO2 in hatchback model.This engine gets a manual gearbox ,while a 1.8 liter petrol ,with manual or automatic gearbox ,will also accessible in new Honda Civic Tourer.
  • Despite it ,you will be able to order that awesome new Civic Tourer Car from December,until February deliveries don’t start.
  • Prices and specs are revealed in this month of September.
  • There is no further information regarding Honda,  the car is expected to be price at around £ 19,000.

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