Cement Price In Pakistan 2023 – Cement Price In Pakistan Today


Cement Price In Pakistan: Building your own home today is more challenging. Construction has stopped in several places of Pakistan as a result of the daily rise in the price of cement.

Builders and contractors are waiting for any price reduction, but cement prices are staying the same. Prices may go to PKR 1200+ per bag in the near future.

Cement Price In Pakistan
Cement Price In Pakistan

Dealers in cement claim that changes in cement supply are driving up prices. Companies are working together to feign shortages in order to raise prices. There is no basis for hiking cement costs despite decreasing coal prices. There is growing concern that cement prices may rise to Rs. 1100 per bag. Market lack of cement. Unannounced pricing increases started to be implemented by businesses. bestway cement price in pakistan today, today cement price in pakistan today,

Cement Price In Pakistan

Cement Company Price per 50KG Bag
DG Cement Rs. 1,045-1,150
Lucky Cement Rs. 1,035-1,140
Maple Leaf Cement Rs. 1,060-1,165
Maple Leaf White Cement (40KG) Rs. 1,700-1,805
Bestway Cement Rs. 1,040-1,145
Fauji Cement Rs. 1,030-1,135
Kohat Cement Rs. 1,035-1,140
Attock Cement Rs. 1,030-1,135
PakCem Rs. 1,040-1,145
Askari Cement Rs. 1,040-1,145
Pioneer Rs. 1,040-1,145
Flying Cement Rs. 1,015-1,120
Power Cement Rs. 1,045-1,150
Cherat Cement Rs. 1,030-1,135

Top Cement Manufacturing Company in Pakistan

  • Lucky Cement Limited
  • D.G. Khan Cement Company Limited
  • Dandot Cement Company Limited
  • Bestway Cement Limited
  • Power Cement Limited
  • Thatta Cement Limited
  • Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited
  • Kohat Cement Limited
  • ASKARI Cement Limited
  • ATTOCK Cement Limited
  • FAUJI Cement Company Limited
  • PIONEER Cement Limited
  • Gharibwal Cement Limited
  • Safe Mix Concrete Limited
  • Zeal Pak Cement Company Limited
  • FECTO Cement Company Limited
  • Dewan Cement Limited





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