Drama Serial Numm Story Review

We will going to highlight down the Geo TV drama serial Numm story review. This is one of the most awaited and one of the newly telecasted drama serials in Pakistan. This serial has bane based upon the Pakistan social issues that is simply grabbing the attention of the people. The direction of the drama has been carried out Ahsan Talish and the production has been done by Amjad Hashmi. The script has been all written superbly by Myra Sajid. This serial has been all on-aired on GEO TV on 24th August 2013.



·         Fawad Khan

·         Sania Saeed

·         Kanza Wayne

·         Usman Perzada

·         Farah Shah

·         Ahsan Talish

·         Nasreen Qureshi


This story has been all based upon the cruel and strict customs of the feudal law. Fawad Khan has done graduation from abroad and when he returns back to his family he met all of these brutal lawn and customs. The story also revolves around the love triangle of Fawad Khan, Sania Saeed and Kanza Wayne. Ahsan Talish who is the director of the film will also be performing the role of Fawad Khan father in the serial. This would be very first time that Sania Saeed will be acting opposite with Fawad Khan. In this serial the fans of Fawad Khan will going to capture him in complete different look along with the beard on his face. Now let’s see that whether Fawad Khan and Sania Seed chemistry will going to drive their fans crazier or not?

So all the fans of Numm out there if you have missed the first episode of Numm then don’t worry because it’s just the first one. But don’t forget capture out the rest of them because this serial will going to appear much interesting and thrilling ahead. 

Repeat timings of Numm

Sunday 2:30am,12:30pm,4pm
Monday 12am
Monday 11:30am
Monday 11pm
Tuesday 6pm
Wednesday 11:30
Thursday 5:30am
Saturday 5:30am,6:30pm


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