How To Apply PM’s Laptop Scheme

How To Apply Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  Laptop Scheme : The scheme of PM Nawaz Sharif for the provision of Laptops is an attempt to enhance the scope of research and quality of education in the country. His aim is also to give access to information technology.

The Prime Minister, organize a high level meeting at the PM’s house in which he directed the officials to initiate programmes and schemes, targeting lower strata of society and youth, especially the educated, at the earliest.

How To Apply PM’s Laptop Scheme

PM Laptop scheme

Prime Minister said he will fulfill his promises which he made during the election campaign to youth and lower strata people of the society.

For this purpose, he announced six schemes for youth in his 2nd address to the nation.

He decided to provide laptops in federal state as well.

You can apply in scheme of Prime Minister for the provision of laptops, if you pass the following criteria. The federal government has already given approval for all these initiatives.

All arrangements for the implementations of this program have been completed. The laptop provision program will be completely on the merit basis. It will be transparent completely and no biasness or favor will be given to anyone.

Therefore eligible candidates can apply for this program.

Eligibility criteria

Those students, both male and female, who are registered in an HEC approved educational institute, will be able to apply for laptop. Students of masters and 50% under-graduates will get the laptop.

Geographical speed

Students of HEC approved institutions from all over the country are able to apply for the laptop scheme.

Cost per laptop

Each laptop will be worth almost Rs 40,000.

Total number

Total number of students from across the Pakistan, who will be awarded with laptop, is 100,000.

Budget allocation

For the financial year of 2013-2014, the budget that has been allocated for the scheme is Rs 4.0 billion.

Executing agency

Ministry of Education and Training or Higher Education Commission (HEC) will be the central agency for execution.

Local manufacturing

HEC is in negotiation with local manufacturing industries of laptop computers that would increase the workability of the initiative regarding the growth of this scheme.

The Punjab government has implemented the scheme successfully to provide the laptops to students in the past. Government of Pakistan will announce the procedure of program with registration forms very soon.


  1. AGHA ALI SAJJAA says:


  2. RAHIM SAID says:

    sir it z a good idea bt i think laptap should be given only 2 the M SC HONS,M PHIL N P HD studens means researchers .it will waste d time iof under graduates

  3. M Umar says:

    Can a student of Chartered Accountancy(ICAP) apply for this scheme?

  4. Abdul Basit Rashid says:

    This is very good scheme to enhance knowledge.

  5. raufrasheed says:

    sir 2 saala bsc walo ko bhe laptop dejeae na because wo bhe tu computer subject parhtae ha na…

  6. neha says:

    how to apply

  7. Samina says:

    Sir I am MPhil student at Quaid-e-Azam university Islamabad and belongs to Rahimyarkhan. at QAU students come from all over the Pakistan; South Punjab, interior Sindhi, koi, balochistan and aZad Kashmir too but laptops are not given at QAU. My request to PM that plz give laptop at QAU Islamabad. Because here students are more eligible. At least MPhil students must granted. I shall be very thankful if my request accepted

  8. tahira says:

    apply kaise kren kya 2014 ma milyn gy

  9. muhammad hussain says:

    apply kaisey karin

  10. uzma says:

    how to apply?

  11. naila says:

    how to apply for this?????????????????plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me.

  12. Abdullah Bin Athar says:

    How To Apply

  13. Muhammad Aftab says:

    Sir I am an MSc student at the University of Science & Technology BANNU.I am a 4th Term Student & I have scored 72% marks overall.But in 2nd Term my one paper is fail.So I am eligeble or not?

  14. Aisha Khan says:

    How to apply this

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