End of Time The Moment Episode #1


The End of Time The Moment Episode #1 new show on famous Pakistani news channel “News One”host of this show is Dr. Shahid Masood. In this show, Dr. Shahid Masood will guide peoples about the final day.

He will teach about which types of problem will people face on this day and which type of things people have to do for succeeding in this day.

The final day is decision day and tell who do good things in his life and who did bad things in his life. Good and honest people will go to paradise. And bad people will go to hell.

The main goal of this show is to wake humanity and need of doing good things in people. Dr. Shahid Masood will be the best host for this show because his career is full of inspiration and he is the best guide.

In the End of Time The Moment Episode #1 of this show, do Shahid Masood will also share his personal views about evils minded people and good habited peoples.

End of Time The Moment Episode #1




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