How Much Salary Increase In Budget 2023-24 Pakistan


In the 2023-24 budget plan, the government never ignores the government employees. According to the news. The government will increase the government employees salary up to 30% percent of  in the coming Budget 2023-24.

The government also increased the pension money of the government retired officers and employees such as army officers. They will increase the pension up to 25-20 percent of the pension money. This is a very good step of development in the country.

If the government employees are happy then they will work hard and make country best because the whole country depends on government employees. They have to handle public different issues and solved with loyalty. This time government has to pay some extra to government officers and employees because they work very hard for the development of the country.

If any Government employee salary is RS 25000 then it increased to RS 35000. Not only government employees country heroes such as soldiers and army officers also get 30% increased salary. According to the finance minister of Pakistan, Ishaq Dar tells that the government will increase the salary of army soldiers to 30% personally. This is very good think because army soldiers protect us from every problem.

They protect us without thinking about their own lives. After reviewing this budget Pakistan public looks happy because the government is working hard to make county best. So the public also participates in the development process of the country.

3 years before the government employees salary was increased and then nothing is changed still in the salary of government officers. But in the 2023-24 budget, the salary of employees increase from 30% of salary.





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