Muharram Holidays 1438 Hijri

Muharram Holidays 1438 Hijri


Muharam holidays 2017 are frequently commenced by keeping in view the dates of the arrival of the Muharam 1439 Hijri. Muharam is an Arabic word that has been originated from the expression known as Haram. During this month all sort of fights are forbidden in the Islamic Society. This month often make us remember about the Karabla incident that separates us from Hazrat Hussain. No single Muslim can overlook this day in his life. This day is set up with increased sad feelings and grief over the death of Hazrat Hussain.

He just lay down his life for Islam and overlooks the commands of enemies. But he was not aware the fact that this negligence would took away his life forever. All the men and women commence this day by wearing the black clothes and even cry out by remembering the Hazrat Hussain. For the men category they even carried out the processions and long walks in the streets and on the roads. Most of them even beat them so furiously that the blood starts flowing from their bodies.

On the 9th and 10th Muharam 1439 Hijri the public holidays are announced for the whole country. Not just in Pakistan but even in all the Islamic countries including Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan and even in India two days of public holidays are announced. The holidays are also given by viewing the fact that some of the people may also be fasting for these days. It has been recommended as requisite to carry out the fast in these two days of Ashura.

It has been even stated by the holy Prophet as well. On the days of holidays the all the Shia Muslim Community undertake the long walks and rallies that even accompany the white horses as well. It is said that during the battlefield of Karbala Hazrat Hussain was driving on the white horse therefore they strongly make the use of this horse. Furthermore, people also favor in becoming the part of the assemblies and lecturers given by the scholars that make them draw closer to the incident of Muharam.

1439 Hijri Muharram Holidays 2017 In Pakistan

Well this year the Muharam holidays in Pakistan will be announced by the Government that are expected to be on October 1, 2017 and October 2, 2017. Well this was all about the Muharam and its main significance in the Islamic history. We are sure that this article would have filled your knowledge concerning the people activities in the Muharam holidays.