Pakistani Actress Nargis Beauty Salons


Have you heard that Pakistani Actresses Nargis launched beauty salons? Now you might be thinking that where she has finally arrived! Well Nargis has opened her salons in Lahore. Nargis is one of the known and most distinguished stage actresses in Pakistan. She has so far gained huge appreciation and is said to be the Queen of Dancing and now when she has earn so success heights in all the fields she has not make an effort to win the hearts of women with the establishment of salons.

She has currently opened her first salon in Lahore and afterwards she will be opening more 5 salons in other known areas as well. This salon has been placed in Johar Town. She feels that she has the knowledge about the makeup and being the women she can identify the beauty of the women in much better way.

She will be offering all the facilities and services within her salon and in addition she will be offering the discount amenities as well to all such customers that will be arriving new in the salon. She has declared this announcement in front of media that soon she will be rocking in the whole Lahore with the establishment of her beauty salons.

Pakistani Actress Nargis Beauty Salons

nargis religious scholar

Well here we would like to mention one thing that it is the same Nargis that has make herself busy in the Islamic values and has even started wearing scarf as well. She has even planned to make herself disconnected with the media and stage plays. In all such situations, she has launched this salon because she was trying to keep herself busy besides neglecting her stage plays and theaters dances.

As many actresses and singers are arriving within this profession so how can we expect that Nargis would leave behind! She has even affirmed that as soon as her salon would get famous and identified then she will even be highlighting more and more salons in Lahore.

As she has been showcasing her talent in almost all the categories as in acting, theatre, drama and hosting then she decide to even shine her star in makeup industry as well. Well let’s see that whether her luck would shine within her path or will she just face the failure responses. All the women of Lahore just get ready because Nargis has all arrived in Lahore with her beauty salon. DON’T FORGET TO VISIT HER….




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