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Ayesha Gilani is Miss Pakistani World 2009 and has also been ranked as Beauty of Asia 2010. She possesses an extremely charming personality. She has a perfect figure and she is also known by the name of Beauty Queen of Pakistan. This young girl has emerged in the Pakistani fashion world as a charismatic figure. She has not only proved herself as a model only but also showcases her abilities in other fields too.


She was born on 4th March 1985 in the city of Lahore. Her nick name is Ash. She write columns related to the beauty for magazines like Sapna, Steal the Limelight and Dive Nee. For the information of the readers, Steal the Limelight is her own beauty magazine. She is the founder and head of Limelight Beauty Artiste. It is basically that kind of business that provides and offer consultancy with regard to the beauty and makeup tips.


By profession, she is a model. But she has also incorporated herself into many fields like she is a beauty column writer. She runs her own consultancy beauty and makeup firm. She at times design wardrobe for various photo shoots. She also offers makeup services for the wedding parties.


Ayesha Gilani was Miss Congeniality 2009. She is been ranked as Beauty of Asia 2010 – Beijing, China. She was Miss Earth Pakistan 2009 – Philippines. She was considered as the most talented top 10 women.  She was also awarded by the award named by Miss Tourism Queen Pakistan 2009, Miss Elegant runner up, Miss Globe Pakistan 2010 and 7th Miss World of Pakistan.

Other Interests:

Ayesha Gilani writes for Sapna Magazine USA. This magazine is a largest South Asian Media Portal in North America and Europe. She is basically the head of beauty column in this particular magazine.

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Ayesha Gilani Pictures

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