Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023


Prize Bond is also termed with the label of Gold Investment. It is a form of lucky draw that has been just introduced for such people who are lowered level and are often poor. Prize Bonds are essentially accessible in the markets that have been rated in different prizes including Rs.

  • 200 prize bond schedule 2023
  • 750 prize bond schedule 2023
  • 1500 prize bond schedule 2023
  • 7500 prize bond schedule 2023
  • 15000 prize bond schedule 2023
  • 40,000 prize bond schedule 2023
National Savings Prize Bond Draw

These bonds are normally issued all through the appearance of the series that ranges till the upper limit of less than 1,000,000. Such organizations that carried out the commencement of the prize bonds they set up this process on quarter terms and conditions.

This method does not accompany any special measures for the opening of the prize bonds because simple and usual pattern is conducted for announcing the results and each series has been awarded with the same prize level. For the convenient of the people we would like to mention that if three people have received the prize bond of Rs. 50 then every single person will be honored with the same prize.

The main advantage of this prize bond is that even the poor and middle class person gets the chance of dreaming about the rich class and sometimes this prize bonds even turns down all such dreams into reality as well. According to the recent survey the profit of the prize bonds has increased from 8% to 50% but no special attention is being granted to this division by the Government of Pakistan.

These bonds are easily accessible from nay market place at a very reasonable price rates. So all those people who believe in their shiner fate they must try these Prize Bonds and you never know that when the God gets merciful on you and you get rich in just one night.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule of 2023

Rs.750/- January 16, 2023 Monday Karachi
Rs.1500/- February 15, 2023 Wednesday Quetta
Rs.100/- February 15, 2023 Wednesday Rawalpindi
Rs.200/- March 15, 2023 Wednesday Faisalabad
Rs.750/- April 17, 2023 Monday Peshawar
Rs.1500/- May 15, 2023 Monday Lahore
Rs.100/- May 15, 2023 Monday Multan
Rs.200/- June 15, 2023 Thursday Quetta
Rs.750/- July 17, 2023 Monday Rawalpindi
Rs.1500/- August 15, 2023 Tuesday Peshawar
Rs.100/- August 15, 2023 Tuesday Karachi
Rs.200/- September 15, 2023 Friday Hyderabad
Rs.750/- October 16, 2023 Monday Muzaffarabad
Rs.1500/- November 15, 2023 Wednesday Faisalabad
Rs.100/- November 15, 2023 Wednesday Lahore
Rs.200/- December 15, 2023 Friday Multan



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