Queen of Ghazal Abida Parveen Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award


Queen of Ghazal Abida Parveen is known amongst the most legendary and well known Sufi singers that have given a new path to the music industry. No one can ever deny down the way she makes the people feel the experience of God through her beautiful and attractive voice.

“Queen of Ghazal Abida Parveen”

She has given a lot to the world of Sufism. Her Qawalis has gained huge appreciation and love from the people and still the people love to listen her voice at every moment. Newly, this queen and ruler of Sufi music were awarded with the lifetime achievement award in India by Kaladharmi Begum Akhtar Academy of Ghazal.

On the event ceremony Abida Parveen stated that she is feeling the most special person today because finally she has received the fruits of her hard work and passion towards the music. Furthermore, the Sufi queen was also requested to sing a song or a ghazal for the viewers and seeing that she sung her famous Sufi song as “Laal Meri Pat”.

The song left the whole audience and viewers as spell bounded. Abida Parveen was born in a Sindhi family and she learned the skills of Sufism from her father Ustaad Ghulam Haider. She started her career or even sung her first song on Radio Pakistan and creates a magic all over the world.

During her professional career she was also awarded with the Pride of Performance by Government of Pakistan. Well Abida Parveen is one of such valuable treasures of Pakistani nation that has to be survived so that the coming music generation can learn many skills from her devotional music career.



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