Reema Khan Wedding Pictures

Do you want to have a look at the Reema Khan wedding pictures? Have you still not see the wedding pictures of the Lollywood Barbie doll? If not, then here is this web page that will surely make you to visit all the wedding pictures of Reema Khan.

She is one of the most leading and popular actress of the Pakistan film industry. She has acted in large number of films. Late on, she also became a producer and a director. She is known as the Barbie doll of the Lollywood.

On 18th November, 2012, she got married with Dr. Tariq Shahab. He is an American cardiologist. The wedding ceremony took place in Sheraton, Virginia. So far, this wedding ceremony is one of the most capturing and captivating wedding ceremony. As soon as, Reema Khan revealed the news of her wedding, the entire media industry ran after her to take her interviews. Obviously, this factor cannot be denied that almost each one of us had been eagerly and curiously waiting for the wedding of Reema Khan. We were all very anxious that who will be that lucky man that will be tying a knot with this Barbie doll!

The wedding ceremony consists of 500 guests. Family members and close friends were a part of this ceremony. The ceremony of Mayon was celebrated in a traditional way and manner. Renowned Pakistani fashion designer HSY designed a bridal dress for her. She was wearing a peach and red bridal dress and looks absolutely stunning and awesome. Dr. Tariq Shahab was wearing a sherwani on his wedding ceremony. The couple complemented each other a lot.

So, if you really want to be the part of this exciting and appealing wedding ceremony. Be a part of this webpage then and keep on having a look the wedding pictures of Reema Khan.

Reema Khan Wedding Pictures

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