IBSF World Snooker Championship 2012 Final Match Live Score Update

IBSF World Snooker Championship 2012 Final Match Live Score Update Are you ready to support the Pakistani player Muhammad Asif in Final Match Snooker World Championship Live on your television screens? Dubai International Snooker Championship 2012 will be held in Dubai between Muhammad Asif and Thailand Noppon Saengkham and that too live on your screens. Muhammad Asif has reached towards the final by beating Hong Kong Andy Lee by 5-0. This final score was gained in the last four fixtures competition yesterday. Muhammad Asif badly beat the Hong Kong Andy Lee by 52-38, 89-41, 119-0, 64-9 and 70-17.

Asif was much pleased on this achievement because he accomplishes the success without the help of any Government and sports. Each year this tournament is held every year that takes hold over all the trained and expertise snooker expertise in the whole world but Muhammad Asif beat all the international players in magnificent and top excellent manner. Nevertheless, Muhammad Asif has to face many problems for reaching over this point. As Muhammad Asif travelled into the semi-final all the hands went high up in the air for praying for him because huge and titanic expectations was being associated with him.

IBSF World Snooker Championship 2012 Final Match Live Score Update

IBSF World Snooker (MEN) FINAL

Gary Wilson (England) v/s. Muhammad Asif (Pakistan)

Sunday the 2nd December 2012

IBSF World Championship that will be held in Bulqaria

Mohammad Asif World Champion

In the very beginning of his entrance he even demanded for some financial support by Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association (PBSA). But neither enriched at money help and neither any coach. He achieved all the success heights just with his own self help devoid of any coach and money arrangements.

Muhammad Asif has stated that his successful performances will no longer count so heights if PBSA will not supported him in future. However, Pakistan Snooker Board has sent Rs.70, 000 all through the supervision of Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association for giving an excessive support to Asif and Iqbal. Unfortunately, Iqbal was not successful in reaching even the quarter final. Now the main aim of Muhammad Asif is to towards the direction of IBSF World Championship that will be held in Bulqaria.

On the whole we would like to wish deepest best wishes to Muhammad Asif and we are sure that he will definitely defeat the competitor and will shine up the name of Pakistan. So all the snooker fans just get ready with your cold drinks and popcorns for supporting the Pakistani player because the match will soon be starting and will hot down on the television screens.

Gary Wilson (England) v/s. Muhammad Asif (Pakistan)

Gary Wilson 8 – 10 Muhammad Asif

WS2012-MEN-FINAL: End of Session1: Md. Asif (PAK) leading 6-3 against Gary Wilson (Eng). Session 2 to start at 3PM

Gary Wilson won 12th frame by scoring break of 111. Muhammad Asif leading now 7-5

Muhammad Asif (Pak) wins the 8th frame against Gary Wilson (Eng) in the final of World Snooker & now leads 8-7 in best of 19 frames game.

Gary Wilson (Eng) wins the 16th frame against Muhammad Asif (Pak) in the final of World Snooker & now levels at 8-8 frames each.

Muhammad Asif wins 17th frame, leads 9-8 now. Asif is now one frame away from world title.

Gary Wilson 8 – 10 Muhammad Asif

Congrats!! Mohammad Asif for winning the World Snooker Championship.

Pakistan is now the world champion in snooker. Woohoo! Well done, Mohammad Asif!

Mohammad Asif World Champion


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  2. Mobeen Hasan says:

    well play asif

  3. Waleed Riaz says:

    Congratulation Asif sir…. for achieving this wonderful and very huge victory for pakistan after 18 years…

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