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How To Apply PM’s Laptop Scheme 2016

How To Apply Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  Laptop Scheme : The scheme of PM Nawaz Sharif for the provision of Laptops is an attempt to enhance the scope of research and quality of education in the country. His aim is also to give access to information technology. Read more →

China Signed For Build Metro Train Project in Lahore

Metro Train Project in Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has signed an agreement with China for Metro Train project in Lahore. Read more →

6 Arab Announced For Khud Rozgar Scheme

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif yesterday announced 6 arab for khud rozgar scheme. six arab rupees loan without interest deliver to 2 million families.

hud rozgar scheme

Shahbaz Suspends Police Officials In Sahiwal Rape Case

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday suspended police officials and order to arrest gang rapist in 48 hrs. Chief Minister visit to the residence of the rape victim in Sahiwal.

Shahbaz Sharif“I have suspended DSP SHO, investigation officer and other relevant police officials and have ordered action against them… The IG and RPO will also be suspended if culprits were not arrested in 48 hours,”

“Why complaints of the victims remained unattained? What they are doing in their areas? This is laxity and poor performance they have shown and mishandled the case,”  Shahbaz Sharif said.

How To Apply Youth Training Program

How to apply youth training program: On 23 of September, 2013, In Islamabad Prime Minister of Pakistan addressed to nation for second time. Read more →

CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif UJALA PROGRAM For Students

Here we will explain CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Ujala Program solar home system kit for students. Firstly, we would like to mention that the Read more →

Shahbaz Sharif Punjab Youth Internship Program

Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif commences the event of Punjab Youth Internship Program for the young generation of Pakistan in Al-Hamra Open Air Cultural Complex, Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore. Read more →

Punjab Laptop Scheme and Youth Internship letters Distribution Lahore

On 12th November 2012, the President of Muslim league (N) Mian Naawaz Sharif addresses with the youth of Pakistan regarding student Punjab laptop scheme and allocation event for the youth internship letters. Read more →

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2012

Government of Punjab has highlighted the new Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2012 with the mutual collaboration with the Government of Pakistan and Akhuwat Group. This project has been introduced for helping the unemployed and deprived people and serves them with the convenience of loan facility. This has been the first time that the Government of Punjab has brought out any plans for the poor and unemployed people.

But besides being the one of the beneficial plans for the poor people still the Political globe has been facing this step as just the way of making their number of voters increased in amount. One of its most prominent example has been the Yellow Cab Scheme that was highlighted in 1992 by Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

As we know that the Elections for 2013 is just about to knock down very soon so every single party is trying to grab the attention of the people through some useful manner and this scheme has been one of such sole projects. In the Yellow Cab Scheme in 1992 Nawaz Sharif was completely failed in attracting the interest of the people and with this scheme National Bank of Pakistan lost billions of rupees because of the failure of project.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2012


Additionally, the political critics has stated the statement that the government introduce such plans because the elections are just about to draw closer and most importantly all the money equipped for the schemes get wasted by the Government and they simply spent it in purchasing the luxurious cars.

As a result the unemployed people stayed as unemployed. So far all such yellow cabs that have been set up in major cities of Pakistan are no longer witnessed because the owners of the cars have changed the colors of the yellow cab. In the budget of 2011-2012 almost Rs. 4.50 billion has been accounted for the yellow cab scheme but no one knows where such amount is wasted.

When we look over the Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2012 then it has been specified that approximate Rs. 20,000 will be offered to the 100,000 skilled people but still no addresses of the educated and qualified people have been mentioned than how they will search out for such people and distribute the money. On the whole we would say that this scheme is undoubtedly in the face of the usefulness of the unemployed people but this can just be possible if it is used merely for the people and not for the politicians themselves.

How To Apply For Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme

Here we will discuss that how to apply for Shahbaz Sharif laptop scheme. As we know that Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif distributed almost 100000 laptops among talented and intelligent students. Read more →

Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme Evening Students 2012-13

Recently, Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has announced almost one lac laptops for the brilliant and intelligent students. Read more →

Lucky Draw Green Tractor Scheme

Lucky Draw Green Tractor Scheme As we know that excessive competition is growing in every single sector of business life so how can we forget that agricultural sector would left behind in this competition? Agriculture plays an important and yet prominent role in making the country and creating the successful foundation and for that reason it is essentially vital that all the farmers and field workers should be equipped with all necessities and wants that are utmost necessary of every farmer.

Keeping in view this requirement Punjab Government commenced a computerized lucky draw for granting 329 tractors under the holding of “Green Tractor Scheme” for the agricultural workers of their province. The opening ceremony of the lucky draw was undertaken by District officer Saqib Zaffar and Member of Pakistan Muslim League N Malik Abrar who put forward the initial step in the functioning of lucky draw by pressing a button.

After the conclusion of the lucky draw the Rawalpindi District was awarded with 231 tractors, Gojar Khan with 55, Taxilla was given 45, Muree 18 Kahota was finished by 17 and almost 8 tractors were honored to the farmers of Kotli Sittian. According to the statement of Management Board of lucky draw Green Tractor scheme they have received maximum 2,049 applications from every single hook and corner of the district.

EDO of Agriculture has affirmed that this sector was certainly boost up the morale of all the farmers and motivate them in making their motherland filled with valuable and precious resources for future use. Additionally, the ceremony was even also conducted by Advocate Raja Haneef, Ziaullah Shah and Tahira Aurangzeb.

So all those farmers we wish a very heartfelt congratulation and we hope that these tractors would certainly be utilized for such purposes that would definitely bring positive and useful outcomes for the benefit of the Pakistan.