Warid Internet Packages Details

Warid Internet Packages Details: If you are in favor for knowing about the Warid internet packages and details then you must read out this article because here we will be highlighting some of the best information regarding all the Warid internet packages and even their activation process as well.

Warid Telecom

We all know that Warid has been counted in the list of the most famous and well known cellular networks for the Pakistan mobile customers. This network has been known for their lowest call rates, SMS bundles and most importantly for their internet packages as well. In this article we will be talking about all the interesting and exciting Warid internet bundles and their activation details as well.

Warid Internet Packages Details


  • 10 MB Internet GPRS for whole moth.
  • Activation Charges Monthly SMS Bundle is Rs 30 plus tax.
  • Send message as “data” to 3282 for activation.


  • This offer timing:  1AM till 10pm at night.
  • Activation Charges will be Rs. 1.50 plus tax.
  • This offer valid for the Super Dosti Package only.
  • For activation just send SMS as “DM “ to 7777


  • This offer timing: 1am till 9pm.
  • The Charges for this offer will be Rs. 20 plus tax.
  • This offer only for the Glow customers.
  • For activation just send message as “Twilight” to 7777.
  • For the activation Charges will be Rs. 1 plus tax.
  • The customers can only get activated with the offer just two times in the whole day.


  • In Glow daily internet 2MB internet at the cost of Rs 2.99 plus tax.
  • For getting activation with the offer just send “2MB” to 7777.
  • This package only for Glow prepaid customers.
  • After 12 am expired this bundle offer.

Well this was all about the Warid internet bundles. If you feel that you wish to get connected with the social websites all the time then just get subscribed with any of these packages now.

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