Asim Jofa Birthday Party Pictures

Just few days back Asim Jofa has celebrated with his birthday bash in which few of the famous celebrities from the fashion world came up with their best wishes. Talking about the name of Asim Jofa he has been known as being one of the top fashion designers of Pakistan. He has grab up with the height of fame as in just the start of the career. He has been getting much fame for his lawn collections.

Now talking about the birthday bash here we have some fresh pictures that have been taken from the Asim Jofa birthday party. In the pictures you will get a look that we have the names of famous Iman Ali, Fauzia Iman, Zale Sarhadi, Fahad Hussain, Saba Ansari and so many more names that came up in the party to make it much more happening and media attraction. It is quite evident from the pictures that the party was complete based on the western theme and complete jazz sort of music was to be heard up in the party. Celebrities attended the party with the best wishes and grab up each single fun of entertainment.

asim jofa birthday party 04

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