End of Time The Moment Episode #4


In the fourth episode of the show End of Time The Moment Episode #4. In this interesting episode, Dr. Shahid Masood shares very important things.

He also gives very important tips and tell us to think about our death. He tells that we all watch different things every day such as movies and non-Muslim dramas, etc. he says that these types of things are we see in our daily life are very bad for us.

These things will never protect us from death, even these things will make our death difficult. He tells that death is for everyone and no one is able to reject this. Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) tells us that “everybody that born in this world has to taste the death”.

So why we don’t think about our death and waste our time in disturbing peoples. If we disturb any people then God will punish us.

End of Time The Moment Episode #4 




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