End of Time The Moment Episode #5


The new show on the famous news channel “news one” is becomes very popular. In the fifth episode of this show Dr. Shahid Masood tells about kinds of people.

He describes about which kind of people we see in our daily life. He also tells that no one is able to destroy Muslims power so why we are scared from non-Muslims. We know that our god help us if we are in rights. We can see examples in our history. Millions of big kings try to destroy Muslims, but non one succeed.

He also tells that no one is able to tell us about death. No one knows about our death time and place. Death will come suddenly and we don’t expect that time. We don’t know which type of things we get tomorrow. But we know death always come so instead of preparation of our death we waste our time to find our death time and then failed.

End of Time The Moment Episode #5





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