End of Time The Moment Episode #6


In Episode 6 Dr. Shahid Masood disuse about our holy prophet (S.A.W) orders. Dr. Shahid Masood also discusses the red marks of the final day.

He tells that thousand years ago our Prophet said that no any prophet comes after me. This is a sign for us that do not follow and person just follow our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) and never follow bad spirits. Dr Shahid Masood also said that we live because of our spirit. When spirits go out of our body, then death happens.

No one knows why spirit goes out from our body. Only we know when our body is so weak and not able to hold our spirit in our body then the result comes death. Dr also said that who we are? After death, our spirits go. Where we are? In our spirits or in our body.

End of Time The Moment Episode #6 – 28 May-2017



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