ICC Cricket World 2015 Matches Schedule

ICC Cricket World 2015

The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup would be the eleventh ICC Cricket World 2015, hosted collectively by Australia and New Zealand from February 14 to March 29, 2015. Total forty nine matches will be played within fourteen venues with Australia staging twenty six games at grounds in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, state capital and Sydney whereas New Zealand would hosts twenty three games in seven cities, including the grounds Auckland, Dunedin, Christ Church, Hamilton, Wellington, .Napier and Nelson.

The final of ICC Cricket World cup 2015 will be played at Melbourne Cricket ground. it’ll be one in all the world’s largest international sports tournaments, with fourteen competitor groups and over four hundred players and officials participating in it.

When Australia and New Zealand bid for the 2011 Cricket World Cup in 2006, they concluded with 50–50 split in games. Finally, on 30th July of 2013 it was decided that Australia would host 26 matches whereas New Zealand host 23 matches within the tournament.

ICC Cricket World 2015
ICC Cricket World 2015

There was a confusion and arguable battle between Melbourne and Sydney to host the Final of cricket world cup 2015. Later it became confirmed that Melbourne would host Final of the tournament while Sydney would host the semi-finals.

The ICC World cup 2015 teams have separated in two pools, A and B.

Here is the lineup of teams of both pools.

Pool A                            Pool B

England                                 Pakistan

Australia                               India

Bangladesh                           South Africa

Sri Lanka                              West Indies

New Zealand                        United Arab Emirates

Afghanistan                          Zimbabwe

Scotland                                Ireland

ICC Cricket World 2015 Group Schedule
ICC Cricket World 2015 Group Schedule

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