Pak Bharat Takra 15 February 2015 Cricket World Cup


Do you want to read the details of Pak Bharat Takra 15th February 2015 cricket World Cup then have a look at the below mentioned details. As we know that World Cup 2015 will be starting from 15th February 2015.

On 15th February 2015, Pakistani cricket team will be playing its first cricket match with India. The details of the match are given below.

Pak Bharat Takra
Pak Bharat Takra

Event: ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Match: 4th Match Pool B

Teams: India vs Pakistan

Date: 15th February 2015

Pakistani Time: 08:30 AM

India Time: 09:00 AM

On 12th February 2015, Pak Bharat takra took place on Geo TV. We want to mention that Pak Bharat Takra include Hamid Mir, Sikandar Bakht, Mohammad Yousuf, Azhar Mahmood and Rameez Raja. From India, Robana Khan, Manoj Parbhakar and other cricketers joined the takra. Now lets see who will win this cricket match on 15th February 2015.



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