Skype Allow Android Users to Save Video Messages​

Skype is a special application that provides video calls, chats , voice calls, it helps to exchange audio, video, text based information. This application also allow to create a conference call. Skype application can be used in android mobile blackberry iOS, windows tablets laptops, computer and smart phones.

It is one of the modern communication tool that help to exchange all type of information but now this application has recently been updated with new feature through which one can preserve some of best memories.

Skype video message

New Version 6.11:

Skype updated a new version 6.11 that helps the user to save the video messages in order save the best memories. This updated version of skype has number of feature but the most notable feature is to save the video messages.

According to Skype, “When you record or receive a memorable video message that you want to keep, just tap on it to save it to your phone’s photo gallery.” This feature helps the user to keep the video save and after sometime they can re-watch that video. 


Other feature that this new version provide to its users are Manage conversation in better way like marking conversation as unread, deleting a conversation and mounting a notification.

This new version of Skype for Android also brings enhancement in searching. Ones who use the application can not only search for contacts and names, but he/she can also search for the contents of a conversation.


This new updated version of Skype easily available on Google Play store. You can easily download it from there. However the required Android version and file size vary depending on the device you are using. This new updated app can easily run on Android 4.0Ice cream sandwich.

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