Geo Ishq Mein Nabi Key

Here we will discuss Geo Ishq Mein Nabi Key. Basically, Geo Ishq Mein Nabi Key will be the Live transmission on Geo channel host by Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain.This live transmission will be starting from noon and it will be continue till the night. Moreover, we would like to mention that Dr Aamir Liaquat will be hosting this live transmission. In this live transmission, he will invite popular and well known scholars from different sects. All scholars will throw light on the different areas and aspects of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW).


Furthermore, Dr Aamir Liaquat is the famous and renowned celebrity who is popular for reciting naats and hamds and he is liked by millions of viewers in the whole world. This live transmission will be aired on 11th Rabi Ul Awal on Geo channel and it is hosted by Rizwan Siddique.

The main objective of live transmission to give respect to those Naat Khuans who spend and dedicated their whole lives in this noble and respectful work. In this live transmission, the four most popular and well known Naat Khawans will be interview such as Saeed Hashmi, Siddique Ismail and Muniba Sheikh.

In additionally, in this live transmission Dr Aamir Liaquat will also talk about the life of Prophet Muhammad ( SAWW). As we already mentioned that this live transmission will be continue till night and it will be aired on Geo channel. So it is advisable and important for every Muslim that he/she should watch this live transmission in order to listen Naats and teachings of Prophet Muhammad ( SAWW ) from renowned scholars.

Finally, we can say that this live transmission will truly shows the respect of this holy month. So all Muslims whether children, men and women should tune their Geo channel for listening this most respectable live transmission .

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  1. Assalam-0-Alikum
    Aamir bhai apne kamal kerdiya hai Hum Musalman jo aj kal NAF-SA-NAFI ka shikar hain.Hum ko ap ne Ek kerdiya hai MASH-ALLAH
    Hum tamam Musalmano ko aap per fakher hai.Ap Please apna ye naik kaam Jari rukhy ga ALLAH paak is ka seela apko Zaroor Dega
    Aap ki Duwa me bara asser hai MASHALLAH


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