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In this article we will be giving you the complete jam packed details regarding all the hotels in Murree. Let’s firstly take you into the world of Murree with little overview facts about Murree. Murree is located near the Rawalpindi region that is considered to be one of the main cities of Islamabad.

Murree is just far away at the driving distance of few kilometers from Islamabad. On the Southern side it gets connected with the Himalaya Hills and on the Northern side it is linked with Azad Kashmir. It has been existing since the nineteenth century and during the time period of British ear.

This small destination place has been surviving since 1947. This place is simply known for its highest flying mountains, lakes and beauty that certainly gives away the reflection of nature and God blessings. The cold environment of the Murree is much favored by the people during the summer time of year.

Additionally there are two most interesting things about the Murree. One is its markets and second is its hotels. One of the most famous markets in Murree has been Mall Road that is all the time overflowing with the crowd of people and second we have the hotels. The hotels of Murree serve their customers with warm welcome and serve them with all the amenities and facilities.

As this city has been placed near to the Himalaya therefore it is always cold and pleasant surrounded even in winter and summer seasons. For the easiness and convenience of the readers we are mentioning the name of most famous and reputed hotels in Murree and their address as well. On the whole we would say that this list would help you in making the right and most suitable choice for staying in hotels and hence make your tour much special and unforgettable.


  • Pearl Continental Hotel, Bhurban, Murree
  • Grand Heights Hotel
    Hall Road, Kashmir Point Behind GPO
    Ph: 0593 – 411711-3
    Fax: 0593-411714
  • Hotel Breeze
    Pindi Point, Murree
    Ph: 0593-411088
  • Kashmir Villa Hotel
    Hall Road, Above GPO
    Ph: 0593 – 410408, 410733
  • Hotel Faran
    Near G.P.O, Murree
    Ph: 0593 – 411270, 410380, 410380
    Fax: 0593-411326
  • Wood Berry Hotel
    Near G.P.O, Club Road, Murree
    Ph: 0593 – 411212 – 41213
  • Lockwood Hotel MurreeImtiaz Shaheed Road
    Back of Mall Road
    Ph: 0593 – 410112, 410228, 411458
    Fax: 0593-411543

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