How To Share Balance PTCL Vfone

How To Share Balance PTCL Vfone: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is considered to be the top and popular telecommunication company of Pakistan. Every year, PTCL introduce many services and facilities to its customers.

Recently, PTCL has introduced PTCL Vfone balance share service. The facility of balance share service is only available for the Vfone customers. This mega service allows the PTCL Vfone customers to share their balance by using the simple code.

Customers from all over the Pakistan can share the balance from the amount of Rs: 20 to Rs: 2000. Customer can easily enjoy this sharing facility. For the successful balance transfer, sender and receiver will get the SMS. Now the question is that how to share or transfer the balance on Vfone.

“PTCL Vfone”

How To Share Balance PTCL Vfone Guidelines, Method and Details:

  • In order to use the balance share service, person should get the short code for sharing the balance i-e 828*Amount to Transfer in Rs.*MDN#.
  • For our customers, we would like to mention that Rs: 3 + tax will be charged from the particular sender account.
  • Thirdly, the validity of shared balance is 7 days.

According to senior executive Vice President Commercial of PTCL said that Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited always providing services to its customers according to the convenience of using the PTCL products and main services without leaving their homes and offices.

Moreover, he also said that this incredible service provides the value and mind blowing convenience for the Vfone customers.

He also added that this incredible and latest service is specially introduced for the remote areas where the facility of recharge is not available. So, we can say that this is an incredible balance share service introduced by PTCL Vfone. Every Vfone customer should use this service for sharing the balance.

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