Time Square New Years Countdown 2016


All the people out there in New York are you all ready for Time Square New Years Countdown 2016? New York has been always remained as one of the famous and popular cities during the time of New York. Even people get crazy to visit this city as the New Year arrives closer. Well New Year is all about the smiles and happiness and this is what the same this city believes and they share one another happiness and forget all their worries for this night life entertainment. All such tourist who never bother to get into New York throughout the whole year they even get curious to attend the New York New Year celebrations at any cost.

Time Square New Years Countdown 2016

New York Time Square New Years Eve
New York Time Square New Years Eve

The whole of the Time Square gets decorated like the brides and the city seems like celebrating the wedding. There would be no such person who would be seen smiling and greeting one another with New Year Wishes. One of the most exciting things about the Time Square has been the process of countdown that surely makes everyone mad for it. Well celebrating the New Year eve has been continuing for the last 100 years and still this tradition is getting on and on and even making the place of one of the most memorable and special events in this whole world.

In addition to it, if you don’t want to miss the chance of witnessing the Time Square New Year celebrations then you have to get at that place on time. Time Square is often filled and crowded with millions of people and hence many people feel disappoint for not getting closer with every single moment. In addition, many people even miss the chance of observing the fire works closely at the time of countdown so don’t forget to be there on time.

 Times Square New York City New Year's Eve Ball

All the people of New York are required to reach at Time Square at 16:00 local time. Moreover, big and giant looking screens have also been set up at different places for making the people more entertaining and enjoying every bit of this New Year.

New Year's Eve Ball at Times Square New York City

At 18:00 the evening celebrations will start and the whole city will get busy with dances and late night parties. In the end of it we would say that this is what we call the real celebrations. We should try to welcome the New Year in the same manner without bringing any problems and tensions in between the merrymaking.



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