134 Year Old Record Will be Broken in 2014

Environmental Scientist long warned that the Earth’s average temperature to 2 degrees Celsius increase the destruction Noting that the critical point is that the year 2014, not only the history of the warmest years as being but this year the increase in the earth’s average temperature to 2 degrees is touched.

As global temperatures to record the scientific process was formally launched in 1880 and nearly half a century the warmest period of the year 2014 has been declared.

Earth's Temperature Increase

According to the American Institute of Marine and Environmental Research of the twentieth century, the average temperature of 9.3 degrees Celsius was recorded in October, while this year it reached 11.3 degrees.

Scientists said that the melting of ice in the polar region 2 degree rise alarmingly increasing, sea levels will be higher, would be submerged land and sea and overland storm will be destructive.

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