All Pakistan Muslim League (APML)

As soon as the reign of Pervaiz Musharraf Government came to end he arrived once again with the establishment of All Pakistan Muslim League. This party has been established just few years back. In simple words, we can say that this party has been one of the fresh parties in Pakistan Politics. The establishment of this party was proclaimed in United Kingdom while the main office of this party has been put forward in Karachi.

All Pakistan Muslim League (APML)

This party has been approved and registered under the Election Commission of Pakistan. As we know that Pervaz Musharraf has been settled in United Kingdom so therefore the spokesman of this party has been set with Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif. This party was highlighted on 9th June 2010.

This party and its name has been the full inspiration from the recent party in British timings as All India Muslim League that played an imperative role for getting the Independence. The main aim of this party has been connected with the betterment of the country and to bring back the past progress and success heights in Pakistan one more time.

This party has even established its main centers in Switzerland, UK, US, UAE, Italy, Japan and Canada. Pervaz Musharraf himself publicly announced the placement of this party on 14th August 2010 but officially this party arrived on 1st October 2010. APLM has also been enriched with Dr. Amjad who is the previous Federal Minister of Pakistan.

He played a very vital role in establishing the party and brining it in front of the whole nation. This party has been switched with many members for different categories adding with Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf as President, Dr. Muhammad Amjad as Senior Vice President, Major Gen (R) Rashid Qureshi as Vice President, Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif as Secretary General, Mian Zahid Sarfraz as Chief Organizer and President for the Province of Punjab, Ch. Muhammad Ashraf as Chief Organizer Punjab APML, Col Sher Ali Baaz as President (UAE & Middle East), Cap. Raja Mobeen as Secretary General (UAE & Middle East) and Ahsan Mohiuddin as President Youth Wing (UAE).

Well this list doesn’t stop here because many people have participated in this party but just those people who feel that the terms and conditional policy of Pervaz Musharraf was much important and needed for the successful Pakistan and its bright future. Do you also think so? If yes then you can bring back that policy one more time by casting your vote for this party.

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