Armeena Rana Khan Designer Lawn 2014 by Gohar Textiles

Armeena Rana Khan Designer Lawn It is the new collection of lawn that is being introduced by GOHAR Textile Mills. It is the summer collection. GOHAR textile mills are one the most established textile mills in the country. GOHAR textile mill is located In Pakistan. The design Armeena Rana Khan lawn was released some time ago. It is one of the finest lawn introduced in the market by that company.

The heavy advertisement cost has been spent by the company to make the brand recognized in the market. And the release of the brand is in the whole country.

Armeena Rana Khan Lawn

About Armeena Rana Khan
The twenty-six years old Canadian lady an international model and a Canadian film actress. She started first from Dubai and London then she was transported to Europe and South Asia. She is among some of the most famous and among top 10 beautiful Euorpean model.

Introduction in market
This lawn collection was introduced in the market on 12th of march 2014. It was introduced all over theworld on that day. The launching ceremony of that lawn was attended by some renowned personalities like juggankazim and many others. The distribution channel of the brand is to all the world.

Contents of the suit
It contains 4 pieces of suit which includes dopatta, shirt, arms and shakwar piece. Neck and the arm pieces are embroidred. This type of collection is for the people who want something different and creative. It provides something unique for its customers that others do not offer. It makes you look smart, beautiful and attractive.

Designs of the suit
It includes very beautiful flower prints and some beautiful embroidery as well with dyed shalwars. The prices are in the range of 3000 to 4000 which are affordable. Some quality fabric and digital prints are in high quality.

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