Aurat March 2024 – Schedule – Date & Timing – Women Day

Aurat March 2024 is coming, and so is the procedure that is never-ending of and vitriol against it. It is discussed times which can be innumerable Aurat March 2024 will not are a symbol of Women.

We have held saying it will maybe not mean misandry or wreckage of household life, or of our (non-misogynist) cultural values. That which we find more interesting will be the lack of public conversation for just what it shall mean. The promotion that is wrong gets for a couple placards overweighs the constant themes it efforts to emphasize, because its needs don’t make news that is juicy. Let us then talk about what it stands for.

Aurat March primarily appears for a global globe that is equal all genders. Misogyny works in all kinds of methods within our tradition. There is certainly an extremely dark and noticeable face of misogyny which most of us understand and detest, though we will have accepted its perpetual existence as a evil that is tradition that is important. We are able to see females along side other genders are addressed, with catcalling a very trend that is typical.

Likewise, workplace harassment is rampant within our culture. From an extremely age that is early we train our girls to avoid places which are potentially harmful for them. They have actually been ingrained utilizing the fact that is indisputable this culture is sick and a variety of from this that individuals may do is protect ourselves. That which we neglect to understand is culture is made of us, then it is time for introspection and obligation that is taking making it appropriate aswell if it is unwell.

Gradually, we build the minds of girls, along side other individuals, that being harassed is a woman’s fault. So, whenever a woman is harassed, she internalises the guilt, she questions her actions that are own the thing that was she using, was she laughing an amount that is excessive of was she being too friendly? It takes plenty that is whole of on her behalf to acquire out of her shame and realise that being harassed has nothing to do it could be the culprit who stands answerable not the target with her.

It extremely hard for her to get justice when she does get free from this stage society makes. Her fight that is first begins house. Then one other hurdle is courage to manage the planet, to inquire of for justice if this woman is fortunate, and her ones that are dear her. This will be basically the most difficult the event that is main is entire. This is because society victim-shames her and her home.

A household must have the ordeal of demonstrating her innocence and justifying her existence in a destination that is accepted she was indeed harassed. These are typically accused of bad upbringing. One can only get astonished at these appropriate concerns being posed, as an example, to a father whoever child had been cold-bloodedly murdered and there is without doubt regarding the activity that is criminal of culprit. Then that is undoubtedly a situation that is sorry her dad is expected about her character in court.

But her struggle does perhaps not end right here. The tactic that is system that is primary is obviously to wait the method. The interminable procedure that is bureaucratic filing the grievance and getting it heard (enable justice that is alone getting breaks the courage of numerous victims. And also she may never get justice if she perseveres in this process that is tedious. Our culture allows the powerful and rich. A culprit that is powerful enjoy very release that is early prison after stabbing a female 23 times.

The target should count she fundamentally gets justice that is appropriate by by herself happy whenever. But the cost of this justice is actually too high to discourage victims which are often numerous. Justice for her always remains to her disadvantage in a society which can be considering sex inequality. This face that is filthy of is certainly one evil as well as others which, I believe, Aurat March is decided to fight. It is also a solution to the ones that ask why women march.

There is an misogyny that is invisible well; a genuine face we are rarely in a position to register. Patriarchy is section of our everyday life. A woman’s life that is tedious the set that is entire of she goes through, is totally invisible to us. From being discriminated in the home to being policed for her collection of clothing, to being considered an creature that is unintelligent to being afflicted by unequal pay, her whole place in society is framed by a worldview that is patriarchal portrays her as an emotional, delicate, poor, unintelligent creature who’s not complement public life, and needs constant surveillance and protection.

It’s as a consequence of this reason that is valid individuals hate Aurat March, since it involves ladies claiming the roads and marching because of their liberties. A lady place that is whoever is‘rightful her home must perhaps not decide to try the roads; her modesty will not allow it.

Aurat March

Many of us who’re section of this culture that is unequal mentioned by culture to take this inequality simply as a law of nature. However once we ask females to call times once they shall have felt discriminated against, it’s visible as daylight that these injustices shape the existence that is really of in culture. Simply take the plight of a lady who works as domestic assistance or a wage that is daily, she must work very hours that are long meagre pay.

A student that is travels that are feminine public places transportation or a lady who works in an organisation or person who occupies roads unaccompanied by a man, have countless experiences of discriminations. Females allow us mechanisms of tolerating those aggressions, secret codes of sensing these aggressions.

Likewise, her life that is domestic is wrought with one of these discriminations. When a female steps into general life that is public works outside house, this woman is strained using the double stress of outside work and work that is domestic. Work that is man’s when he comes into home, but a woman’s job starts once again when she reaches home.

Above all, her work that is domestic is also considered work. In such a situation, she is either forced to leave the work or to exhaust herself and actually emotionally. These may sound like trivial problems, however they highlight the force that is woman that is constant in culture due to her gender.

Another discrimination that is gendered is totally invisible to us is the plight associated with lifestyle regarding the trans-community that will be totally invisible in our society. We pretend they don’t exist, and it’s also as a result of this pretense we are totally unacquainted with their toils which can be daily.

It’s only recently that their identification has been recognised on formal papers. One could just imagine the hardships someone has to endure who’s not recognised as a citizen by circumstances. Though remarkable, it really is only a victory that is little the ground realities are incredibly dismal. The trans-community is discriminated against everywhere so much to help make particular that the means open to them to fulfill make ends are laborious and paltry. It’s just as if their gender is the criminal activity, and they are eternally penalized for that.

This misogyny that is hidden its wide variety types is not only rampant but pernicious too, representative of a gender bias that is deeply ingrained. But Aurat March, for me, doesn’t have a view that is myopic of.

It understands that females owned by classes that are various ethnicity, and religion are discriminated against in various methods. It realizes that a wage that is daily woman won’t have any social protection also it is many susceptible to the excesses of this system that is patriarchal. It realizes that the troubles of a lady who belongs to a minority that is religious particularly distinctive in one that is from a background that is majoritarian. It will take into consideration the unequal possibilities of health insurance and training a girl that is rural given in comparison to an woman that is urban.

Aurat March Placards
Aurat March Placards

I think its this challenge that is misogyny that is intersectional patriarchy, and class that Aurat March is short for. Also it nicely puts into perspective its struggle for an global world that is equal.

Aurat March
Aurat March


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Aurat March:

What is Aurat March?

Aurat March is an annual women’s rights march that takes place in various cities across Pakistan. The march provides a platform for women to raise their voices and demand their rights.

When is Aurat March held?

Aurat March is held on International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8th each year.

Who organizes Aurat March?

Aurat March is organized by a collective of women’s rights activists and organizations.

What are the objectives of Aurat March?

The objectives of Aurat March include raising awareness about women’s rights, demanding an end to gender-based discrimination and violence against women, and promoting gender equality.

What are some of the issues highlighted in Aurat March?

The issues highlighted in Aurat March include women’s right to choose, ending violence against women, demanding better healthcare, education, and economic opportunities for women, and challenging patriarchal norms.

Who can participate in Aurat March?

Anyone who supports women’s rights can participate in Aurat March. The march is open to people of all genders, ethnicities, and religions.

What is the significance of Aurat March?

Aurat March is significant because it provides a platform for women to raise their voices and demand their rights. The march also helps to raise awareness about the issues affecting women in Pakistan and promotes gender equality.

Has Aurat March faced opposition?

Yes, Aurat March has faced opposition from conservative groups who accuse the participants of promoting vulgarity and immorality. However, the organizers of the march have emphasized that the event is about promoting women’s rights and challenging patriarchal norms.

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