China To Build World Tallest Building Within 90 Days

If you have ever visited China then it would be just because of the Great Wall of China. People normally visit China because they want to explore the main ground that turn this wall as being one of the biggest wonders of the world for the past several years. But all such people who capture China just for this wall they must get ready because China is yet again prepared for exploding the world with another wonder that has not been achieved by another country. Well this time China is going to hit down the tallest building in the whole world.

China To Build World Tallest Building within 90 Days

Yes you are right! We are talking about the “Sky City”. This building has been measured to be the biggest and yet the tallest building that is established in just three months. Three months means in just 90 days. This will be the very first building in this whole world that will not just tallest but will be honored with the title of getting finished in just 90 days.

This building will be started establishing in the end of December and will be finished by March 2013. Well after reading this news we are sure that you would definitely be excited enough to know about its features and characteristics. Let’s just not waste any more time and give a look over the main characteristics of Sky City.

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  • This building has been about 838 meters huge and 2,749 feet huge.
  • The floors of the building have been divided into 220 sections.
  • Sky City building will be placed at Changsha River next to Xiangjiang River.
  • This building has been established by the same team members that put forward the foundation of Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Burj Khalifa was build in just 15 days and still this building has been standing perfectly after so long time scale.
  • The company will make the use of advanced technology that was make the building resistible and longer lasting. They will make the use of similar technology that was utilize at the time of Burj Khalifa.
  • This building can take hold over 31,400 people. 83% area of the building has been switched with the residential purposes whereas rest of the areas has been confirmed for the schools, shops, hospitals and hotels.
  • Additionally, it also been equipped with the accessibility of elevators that are approximate 104 in total amount.
  • This building will cost huge trillion dollars because per square cost of every single area has been $ 1,500.

Well on the whole of it all such people who are now desperate for this building they must have to wait till March. We are sure that just like Great Wall of China this tallest building will also be successful in making a name among the Wonders of World. Nevertheless, we would certainly say that Republic of China has yet another great achievement for making them much recognized and identified in the whole entire world.

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