Electricity Crisis in Pakistan 2023

Electricity Crisis in Pakistan 2023: Pakistan is a very resourceful country but there are certain things in this country that are hard to change. With the passage of time, a lot of things in Pakistan change but one problem sticks in the core of this country which is the most horrible matter to be dealt with, Electricity crisis. Each year every political party made different claims on solving this issue and mentioned in their voting manifesto of solving the problem of Electricity crisis in Pakistan but, unfortunately, nothing happened.

Electricity CrisisThe load shedding timing has been increased which proved the most threatening indication of the electricity crisis in Pakistan. Pakistan has a lot of potential when it comes to energy resources and we can say that Pakistan can be counted in the top ten richest countries of oil reservoirs. But still there is no quick outcome of this crisis. The need for electricity in Pakistan surpasses 5,000 MW and is still increasing and the installed electricity generation capability sticks around 22,000 MW.

The main reason for Electricity crisis in Pakistan is the lack of budgets. The poor development and governance in Pakistan create insufficient electricity. The generated electricity in Pakistan cost 17 rupees per unit kilowatt-hour which is way too expensive. Customers pay 11.50 rupees per kWh on an average basis. The organized funding raises about 15 percent of the cost which in total increases up to billions in losses. These are not the only losses; there are also transmission and distribution losses which in this country commonly known as theft of electricity.

After that comes the billing problem and the collection is quite another challenge. Mostly the distribution companies in Pakistan couldn’t able to collect the electricity charges from consumers. This, in turn, makes the recovery rate down to 80 to 90 percent. Pakistan major electricity distribution lies in the industrial section and lowest rate of collection is from this sector due to political influences.

The government officials use their legal powers under the ethics of judicial assessment and try to keep the balance. In most cases judicial assessment is proposed to stop uncertainty or partiality and should be used in the superior public interest.

To stop Electricity crisis in Pakistan, re-employment mostly over the contract after retirement should be controlled in all government and semi-government companies which are in direct control of the Government.  It is essential for Pakistan economy development that there must be combined project of overseas investing establishments with the Pakistani companies par, clearly in hydal and energy projects to overcome the crisis.

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