Exchange Rate from UAE Dirham to Pakistani Rupee Declines

Explore the latest AED to PKR exchange rate news: A modest decline to Rs76.53, a Rs1.17 drop from the previous rate. Stay informed on market dynamics and economic factors influencing currency exchange in Pakistan.

The exchange rate between the UAE Dirham (AED) and the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) has recently shown a modest decline, settling at Rs76.53.

This adjustment represents a decrease of Rs1.17 compared to the previous rate of Rs77.70, while the current open market rate stands at Rs78.70.

This shift in the AED to PKR exchange rates carries significance within Pakistan’s currency exchange landscape, notably as the interbank conversion rate currently sits at Rs76.53.


It’s important to note that these rates may undergo fluctuations in the open market, affecting individuals and businesses engaged in currency exchange for both buying and selling purposes.

The Rs1.17 reduction in the UAE Dirham to Pakistani Rupee exchange rate mirrors the ongoing market dynamics and economic factors influencing currency exchange in the country.

Changes in AED to PKR rates are being closely monitored by those involved in international transactions.

Investors and businesses are vigilant about these market fluctuations, emphasizing the need to stay informed about the evolving dynamics of AED to Pak Rupee exchange rates in Pakistan.

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