Eye Makeup Guide for This Christmas

Eye Makeup Guide for This Christmas: Are you planning to attend any party for the coming Christmas happening? Well if yes then get ready with this article because here we are going to mention in detail some of the fine looking eye makeup guidelines for this forthcoming happening of Christmas.



1.      As we all know that for the happenings of Christmas parties the eyes are one of the most prominent features for the women. In the eyes makeup the women has to show out her extreme attention so that she can implicate her personality in the fabulous modes.

2.      In the very first step of the eye makeup you have to start with the eye makeup highlighter over the eyelids. Make sure that you have to start the highlighter from the browbone from the inner third of your eye and outward to the edge of your eye.

3.      In addition just make sure one thing that when you are applying the eye shadows then it should not be filling the midtone eye color in towards your nose. You have to keep the midtone section as away from the outer third of your crease, blending it in towards your nose only. You can make the choice of blending the midtone shade past your outer eye a little.

4.      If in case your eyes are slightest wide apart then apply the eye shadows opposite above and use your midtone shade starting from the inner corner of your eye and sweep it outwards along the crease. If you are making the use of some darker accent color shades then you have to start from the upper and lower lashline.

So all the women and girls out there if you are planning to attend any Christmas party then don’t forget to follow these guidelines for the fabulous looking eye makeup right now….


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