Fashion Magazines In Pakistan


Fashion Magazines In Pakistan: Here we will explain top and Best fashion magazines in Pakistan. This web page will provide most popular and top fashion magazines in Pakistan. In Pakistan, every fashion lover person would love to read fashion magazines in order to follow fashion trends. Different types of news regarding fashion are available in the form of fashion magazines.

Normally, mostly fashion magazines are published from Lahore and Karachi. We would like to mention that these types of fashion magazines also have websites. Fashion Magazines

There are many websites that offer new updates regarding the Pakistani fashion industry like hairstyles, clothing trends, jewellery trends and others.

The leading and popular newspaper Jang also publishes its well known fashion magazine named as THE MAG. This fashion magazine also includes all types of fashion updates and news about the Pakistani fashion industry.

Moreover, another popular and renowned group of newspaper also publish fashion magazine named as Herald. This fashion magazine includes the news regarding jewellery, clothing and other fashion updates.

Now we would like to mention the list of top fashion magazines in Pakistan. The best fashion magazines are as follows:

List Of Fashion Magazines In Pakistan

  1. Spider.
  2. Young World.
  3. Global Science Karachi.
  4. Raabta.
  5. Imran Digest.
  6. Women Digest.
  7. Fashion Mag.
  8. Sabrang.
  9. Fashion Collection.
  10. Aanchal.
  11. Aurat Digest.
  12. Aadaab Arz Karachi.
  13. Asia Lahore.
  14. Akhbar-e-Watan Karachi.
  15. Brides & You Karachi.
  16. Akhbar-e-Khawateen.
  17. Khawaten Ka Islam.
  18. Net Mag.
  19. She Magazine.
  20. Phool.
  21. Pakistan Today.

So these are considered to be top and popular fashion magazines in Pakistan. These fashion magazines are getting very popular among fashion lovers. So if you are the fashion lover and you want to read the latest updates of Pakistani fashion industry then visit your nearest book shop for buying these fashion magazines. After buying these fashion magazines, you will definitely read out the latest fashion trends and updates.

In the final conclusion, we can say that these fashion magazines represent the complete Pakistani fashion industry. So if you want to know the latest happenings of Pakistani fashion industry like events, fashion shows and collections then don’t waste your time and choose the above mentioned fashion magazines.




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