Gangnam Style Dance Famous In World

Are you crazy about dancing? Are you always in the search of creating Gangnam dance forms? There are countless dance styles that are increasingly getting popular amongst the teenagers adding together with free style, contemporary, bolly wood style, kathak and hip hop.

Gangnam Style Dance

Instead of all such styles there are numerous others as well that are always smashing down the feet of all the people. In all such dance forms there is another most knowingly getting famous dance form with the name of “Gangnam”. This dance form is not just making the people go mad but is also ruling on the dancing sectors as well.

According to the survey as soon as this dance form has hit down on the YouTube it has reached the watchers limit up to 400 million that definitely clarifies its increased popularity. This dance has been even termed as Horse Dance as well and this horse dance is getting even extra significance and special place amongst the people as compare to the horse itself.

Apart from this style there were some styles as well that even make dance such people who don’t have even danced ever in their lifetime including Waka Waka, Macarena and Lambada. This dance form has been originated from Korea as there people has named this form as Hip Hop.

Freshly, after winning the T20 Finals West Indies Batsman Chris Gayle was witnessed performing the Gangnam dance form in the middle of the playground and after those steps next day the whole world starts following the steps and thus it became renowned.

Well no matter what form of dance it is and no matter how it is moving your arms and legs because the main intention of the music and dance is just to make every old and young person happy and even more happier.

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