Good News For Teachers UAE Needs 75,000 Teachers Since 2015

In the UAE employment is the most discussed an serious issue now a days. Government of UAE  is searching the best strategies for reducing it. As economic conditions, global competition, education, automation, and demographics are the main factors that leave a deep effect on job creation and unemployment in any country.

The above mentioned factors affect the main things, for example number of workers, the duration of unemployment, and wage levels. To keep the economy growing is the main solution of preventing unemployment in the UAE. To keep the economy stable spending money in the society is the best way.

UAE Teachers Jobs Open

There are several ways to measure the unemployment.When a person is jobless but they are looking for the job, according to the study and abilities we mention this position as unemployed. We didn’t count the people in the list of the labor force who are employed or unemployed.

UAE labor force and employment levels are affected by many factors.Economic growth; cyclical and structural factors; demographics; education and training; innovation; labor unions; and industry consolidation are the main listed factors.

To fulfill the gap and make the economy growing UAE government decide to hire the 75,000 teachers by 2015.In the education sector around 75,000 educators need to hire in the UAE in 2015. This step is the great effort by the government of UAE to fulfill the gap of man power I the education sector. This news is launched by the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and it is conducted by the Deloitte revealed.

The basic requirement in the UAE is more than a quarter of this, around 57,000 educators and teachers and professors are the main part of this step. If UAE wants to rank better in the international assessment (the top of the country’s educational national agenda if UAE really need to fill the gap on urgently basis.And it is hard to that teachers are the important art for a better assessment ranking.

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