How to Buy Pakistani Cinema Tickets Online

How to Buy Pakistani Cinema Tickets Online: Now there is no need to get worried about buying the tickets for watching the movies in cinemas of Pakistan, you do not have to wait standing in long queues for getting your turn to buy tickets because Stubdo has made it far easier for the people of Pakistan to buy online tickets for the movies you want to watch. This has never been so easy before but now buying cinema tickets is not a big deal as Stubdo has introduced a more convenient way of buying tickets by just going online and visit Stubdo.

Now you will never miss a movie to watch in the cinemas across Pakistan because almost in every city where cinemas are in operation, Stubdo provides you a great opportunity to buy or book the tickets directly from there without wasting any further time. In that case, you will be able to watch each and every movie on a big screen.

This is not all, Stubdo also offers home delivery of the tickets which makes it very easy for the people to get the tickets without going out as Stubdo itself will deliver the tickets at your doorstep. Stubdo has saved a lot of time of the people to think about watching a movie because they have to travel a long distance for buying the tickets but now they just have to go online and bur tickets directly from Stubdo.

It is a great step taken by the Stubdo for the people of Pakistan because it has provided a proper way of buying the tickets through online system. People are now much aware of the fact that it is much more convenient to buy the tickets online from Stubdo or by placing the order for delivery of the tickets. Therefore, Stubdo has created a major difference!

How to Buy Pakistani Cinema Tickets Online

How to Buy Pakistani Cinema Tickets Online

  1. Goto the website:
  2. Select movie from picture thumbnails
  3. Select your city from drop down
  4. Select the cinema (drop down will only list the ones which are playing your selected movie)
  5. Select your preferred time show time and number of tickets you want
  6. Tell us your Name, Address and phone number
  7. and submit

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