ICC World Cup 2023: Pakistani YouTubers Indian Visa Controversy

ICC World Cup 2023 ‘Fake news’ regarding India visa rejections is criticized by Momin Saqib and Ducky Bhai.

In the realm of international sports events, few spectacles rival the ICC World Cup. With the 2023 edition looming large, rumors surrounding the denial of Indian visas to Pakistani YouTubers have been swirling through the virtual landscape.

In this article, we delve deep into the heart of the matter, separating fact from fiction and shedding light on the intricacies of this controversy.

Momin Saqib and Ducky Bhai
Momin Saqib and Ducky Bhai

The Baseless Rumors

Amidst the buzz and anticipation for the ICC World Cup 2023, certain social media reports surfaced, alleging that prominent Pakistani YouTubers, including Momin Saqib, Nadir Ali, Saadur Rehman “Ducky Bhai”, and a UAE-based Indian TikToker posing as a Pakistani, faced visa rejections from the Indian authorities.

These rumors gathered momentum, particularly due to the unexpected delays in the issuance of visas to Pakistani players who had to swiftly recalibrate their plans for the tournament.

Setting the Record Straight

Ducky Bhai, one of the accused YouTubers, took to the digital realm to dispel the cloud of misinformation. In an unequivocal statement, he categorically denied any involvement in applying for an Indian visa for the ICC World Cup 2023.

He went on to emphasize the significance of fact-checking and urged individuals to verify news from credible sources before perpetuating unfounded claims. Momin Saqib echoed these sentiments, unequivocally declaring that he had not even initiated the visa application process, emphasizing the importance of relying on trustworthy sources for news dissemination.

The Visa Conundrum

While the YouTubers vehemently deny their involvement in the visa application process, it’s crucial to note that Pakistani fans and journalists still await their visas for this grand sporting spectacle. The ICC World Cup 2023 promises 48 enthralling matches spread over 46 days, taking place at 10 diverse venues, culminating in the grand finale on November 19.

Pakistan’s Warm-Up Matches

Pakistan, gearing up for this cricketing extravaganza, is slated to play two crucial warm-up matches. The first, against New Zealand, is scheduled for September 29, followed by a face-off against Australia on October 3, both to be held in Hyderabad. These matches serve as crucial preparation for the Pakistani team as they embark on their journey to clinch the World Cup.

The Clash of Titans

One of the most highly anticipated encounters in the ICC World Cup 2023 is the face-off between Pakistan Vs India. This titanic clash is scheduled to take place in the imposing Ahmedabad Stadium, which boasts a seating capacity of over 130,000 spectators. The showdown between these two cricketing giants is set to unfold on October 14, igniting the passions of fans on both sides of the border.

In Conclusion

As the ICC World Cup 2023 draws near, it is essential to separate factual information from the web of rumors that often envelops high-profile events. The YouTubers in question have vehemently denied their involvement in the visa application process, underlining the importance of accurate news dissemination.

Pakistani cricket enthusiasts and journalists continue to wait in earnest for their visas as the stage is set for a cricketing extravaganza that promises excitement, drama, and unparalleled sporting prowess. Stay tuned for more updates as this gripping saga unfolds.

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