Importance of Holy Month Safar

Importance of Holy Month Safar: When we mention the names of some of the prominent months of the Islamic Calendar then we never forget to talk about the importance of Safar.

This is the second month of the Islamic Calendar that has an enormous eminence in the Islamic history. Well when we look at the meanings of the Safar besides considering it as the Islamic month then normally three meanings are concluded.

One is to whistle second would be the yellow color and third is the free space or empty place. This month has been taken from the second meaning and that is yellow color of humans. Many people have the wrong misconception that this month was initiated in the Islamic Calendar because the appearance of huge sum of the difficulties and troubles in the religion but this fact is no where closer to the reality.

Islamic Month Safar
Islamic Month Safar

By keeping in view this fact we would like to mention Hadith that has been stated by the Hazrat Jaabir:”I have heard the Prophet  saying, the descending of illness and evil superstition befalling in the month of Safar is untrue.” There were wide spread special and memorable moments that took place during the month of the Safar. Some of the main events and proceedings in this month are as follows:

  • During this month the Battlefield of Abwa on the 12th Safar in the year 2 A.H.
  • In the same month the Battle of Khaibar was also undertaken in the year 7 A.H.
  • One of the greatest things about this month has been the beginning of a relationship between Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima who was the daughter of Hazrat Muhammad. They got married in Safar in the year 2 A.H.
  • In the year of 4 A.H. Hazrat Khubaib Ibn Adey was killed in Makkah.
  • In the same year and in the same month of Safar Hazrat Zaid Ibn Daithina was killed in Makkah.

This month hold an extreme significance in the Islamic history because many happy and sad moments are attached with this month. On the whole after this detail discussion we are sure that all such people who are not fully aware from the main features of the month of Safar they would certainly gain enormous knowledge about this month. Make sure that this month also demands for the prayers and gaining the blessings of the God. This month will be starting after the departure of Muharam.

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