Imran Khan PTI Jalsa In Lahore 2023 | Imran Khan Address Today In Lahore Powershow

Imran Khan PTI Jalsa In Lahore 2023, Imran Khan PTI Jalsa In  Karachi, Imran Khan PTI Jalsa In Islamabad & Imran Khan PTI Jalsa In Peshawar. Live Update From Jalsa, Twitter Trends, Pictures and News.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again called for an enormous public gathering in the major cities of Pakistan. Like Imran Khan did in the post-2018 election, his public rallies and gatherings made an excellent impact. Ex-PM Imran Khan warned PDM to shut down the government after a single ring of protesters, and decided to proceed with his struggles against the judiciary and foreign powers. 

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has once again proved the power of the common public. At the Peshawar rally, Imran Khan flexes the assistance he grips among the country’s public and says a new battle for liberation has started. “I was not dangerous when I was part of the government but I will be more dangerous now.”, said in the Peshawar Rally. The PTI Chairman proved that Pakistan is an independent state, as he said in this tweet. 

Peshawar Jalsa is considered to be massive, the strong and brave nation of Pathans all around the KPK gathered, this is considered enormous as lots and lots of people from the immediate cities also gathered.  

The former Prime Minister has also said that the Karachi Jalsa is one of the biggest in the history of Pakistan, and the outstanding population of Karachi has the power to shut down the newly formed government in minutes. The PTI held this massive power show in the Bagh-i-Quaid, and it is considered the second-largest protest in the country’s history. While addressing the Peshawar Rally, Imran Khan kept his stance that the government is foreign-funded. Marking the sitting administration as an Imported Government, Imran Khan also cleared regarding the interference of foreign powers in his removal. Imran Khan also thanked the common public for the sake of their liberation, and their future, and if this conspiracy kept on going no PM or President will ever be able to complete their regimes. “America has imposed him(PM Shehbaz) on us”, said Imran Khan, ” Look Pakistani thieves have returned.”

The PTI Chairperson has also announced a big call for Lahore as a ‘Bigger Surprise’ for PDM. PTI Member Farrukh Habib has called for a protest on the 23rd of April at Minar-e-Pakistan. Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood has taken the responsibility of handling the Lahore Jalsa. Shafqat Mehmood and Hammad Azhar are currently organizing the jalsa at Liberty Chowk Lahore, and preparations for Lahore Protests have already started.

Imran Khan PTI Jalsa
Imran Khan PTI Jalsa
PTI Jalsa In Lahore
PTI Jalsa In Lahore



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