Leisure Club Kids Winter Collection 2014

Leisure Club Kids Winter Collection 2014: Leisure Club is one more time all set to steal away the hearts of fashion lovers. This time Leisure Club has arrived inside the fashion planet with their stylish designed kid’s winter collection 2014. This has been not the very first time that Leisure Club has revealed out such a collection for kid as before this collection as well in almost all the seasonal and occasional happenings they have introduced the special collections for kids as well.

In this kids winter collection 2014 the brand has superbly set the dresses in fabulous and attractive styling concepts. In this winter collection 2014 the fashion lovers will be getting the best chance of catching jeans, pants, trousers, cargo’s, uppers, jackets, leather jackets, caps, warn knit caps, mufflers, sweaters, coats, shoes and accessories for kids.

This collection is best alternative for the parents to make their child look out stylish and fashionable in the winter timings. In this post we have some pictures of Leisure Club kid’s winter collection 2014.

The colors are brighter set out in the vivid and darker formations along with the slightest addition of light color blends too such as red, white, blue, pink, purple, yellow, brown, green and so on. This collection would be best one for the birthday parties and family gatherings too.

Leisure Club has been known as one of the oldest and yet one of the wanted fashion houses in Pakistan. In 1997 they started they build up their fashion foundation and in just few years they made them as one of the best ones.

They offer out with the clothing lines for both men and women and kids. Just like their previous collections this kids winter collection by Leisure Club has been remarkable alluring and greatly splendid designed for the kids. Don’t miss out looking all the collection dresses designs once…….

Leisure Club Kids Winter Collection 2014

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