2016 Mothers Day Poems For Kids

2016 Mothers Day Poems For Kids: In this article we will be discussing some of the Mother Day Poems for kids. Hence most of the times we have seen that there are many kids that always wait around for the whole year just for the commencement of the Mother Day.

When the child is at the young age of his or her childhood then they are all the time in the search to make their mother feel special and out of this world ordinary. But for making the mother special we have the remarkable day of Mother’s Day as well. It is much sad to state that this day arrives in just once a year and the child just has to show their affection and love just one day in the whole year.

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They are fully aware from the reality that they are given birth just because of their mother’s and they are nothing in this world without the blessings of the mother. If the God has been impossible to search then he has created mother in his face.

Well all the kids can take huge assistance from this article as we will be highlighting some of the fun loving mother’s day poems for the kids. These poems have been finished with the simple and easy language therefore the kids do not need to face any complexity in view of the punctuations and pronunciations.

All such poems will definitely going to help out all the kids to show away their actual feelings, emotions, affection, love and care towards their mother. This day arrives closer just once in the whole year so we don’t think so that any of the children would ever favor missing this day. So all the cute and sweet kids out there just write down all these poems on some paper and sing them out for your mothers. We are sure that these poems will going bring tears in their eyes.


  • My Mother, my friend so dear
    throughout my life you’re always near.
    A tender smile to guide my way
    You’re the sunshine to light my day.
  • Best friends forever mom and me
    picking flowers and climbing trees.
    a shoulder to cry on, secrets to share
    Warm hearts and hands that really care.
  • Our mother is the sweetest and
    Most delicate of all.
    She knows more of paradise
    Than angels can recall.
    She’s not only beautiful
    But passionately young,
    Playful as a kid, yet wise
    As one who has lived long.
  • Her love is like the rush of life,
    A bubbling, laughing spring
    That runs through all like liquid light
    And makes the mountains sing.
  • My mom is very special,
    My mom is very kind,
    My mom always tells me I’m special,
    She’s always on my mind.
  • My mom watches me grow,
    My mom watches me cry,
    Of course she’ll always know,
    She’ll never have to tell me goodbye.
  • My mom will always hug and kiss, My mom will always care. My days she will never miss,Coz I’m her little teddy bear.
  • My mom is very special, My mom is very kind, My mom always tells me I’m special, She’s always on my mind.
  • When Mother reads aloud, the past
    Seems real as every day;
    I hear the tramp of armies vast,
    I see the spears and lances cast,
    I join the thrilling fray;
    Brave knights and ladies fair and proud
    I meet when Mother reads aloud.
  • When Mother reads aloud, far lands
    Seem very near and true;
    I cross the deserts’ gleaming sands,
    Or hunt the jungle’s prowling bands,
    Or sail the ocean blue
  • Far heights, whose peaks the cold mists shroud,
    I scale, when Mother reads aloud.
  • When Mother reads aloud, I long For noble deeds to do… To help the right, redress the wrong; It seems so easy to be strong, So simple to be true. Oh, thick and fast the visions crowd My eyes, when Mother reads aloud.

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