NA 71 Mianwali Candidates Election 2013

NA 71 Mianwali Candidates Election 2013: In this article we will have a detailed highlight discussion about the NA 71 Mianwali Election 2013 Candidates. As we all know that just within few days Elections 2013 will be all starting soon and all the parties have been engaged in making their strong positions in every single region and district. NA 71 Mianwali is one of the most prominent areas for the elections. In all the elections almost all the parties stand their own candidates for winning the elections.

NA 71 Mianwali Candidates Election 2013

Election-in-Pakistan ECPIf we look back five years back, then NA 71 Mianwali was taking control over the two independent candidates Nawab Zada Malik and Amad Khan won the seat of MNA by taking 83,098 votes. But this time NA 71 Mianwali has been even involved in highlighting the candidate belonging to PTI as well. Well there have been additional parties as well that are even standing their candidates too such as PML (N), PTI, PML(Q) and PPP.

According to the survey it has been figured out that there are approximate 510911 people living in Mianwali in which there is the amount of 158396 male and over 135625 female people. In the below article we will mention the names of few candidates that are participating in Election 2013 from NA 71 Mianwali.


  1. Dr Muhammad Khalid Qureshi
  2. Muhammad Sardar Bahadur Khan
  3. Muhammad Asghar Khan
  4. Abdul Khan
  5. Amanat Ullah Khan
  6. Obaid Ullah Khan
  7. Hikmat Yar Bahadur
  8. Inam Ullah Khan Niazi
  9. Imran Khan
  10. Ayla Malik
  11. Shaukhat Pervaiz
  12. Abdul Wahab Khan
  13. Abdul Azeem Khan
  14. Abdul Rehman Khan

Well this was the all about the NA 71 Mianwali candidates and their names. We hope that this article would have helped you a lot in getting closer with your favorite candidate for sure. 

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