PML-N Manifesto – PML N Election 2024 Manifesto

Here we will discuss PML-N election 2024 manifesto. As we know that general elections of Pakistan will be held on 13thfebruary 2024. So these days every Pakistani political party is announcing its election manifesto. Few days back, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz announced its manifesto for the general elections of Pakistan 2024. The manifesto was introduced by the leader of PML-N named as Nawaz Sharif.

PML-N Manifesto

He said that the manifesto of their party completely based on three main and important points. He also said that the coming elections are not just about the change but this time the elections is all about deciding the future of Pakistan. In the ceremony of manifesto, he highlighted the important points which will be discussed below:

  1. The core manifesto of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is revival of the financial economy, revival of industries, infrastructure, tax reforms and creation of best job opportunities.
  2. The second important point of PML-N manifesto is the energy crises. This political party ensure that the energy crises will be resolved in 2 years.
  3. Moreover, PML-N manifesto also includes complete agriculture and food security.
  4. Furthermore, manifesto also includes the new framework for social changes. If we talk about social change then it includes education, health, women empowerment, sports and youth.
  5. In additionally, the manifesto of PML-N also includes the democratic governance which includes local government, civil service reforms and police reforms.
  6. Another important point that we have to mention that PML-N manifesto includes inter provincial harmony i-e fair water distribution, national language bill, census, interprovincial youth programs, federal job quotes etc.
  7. PML-N manifesto regarding elections also includes speed and inexpensive justice. The manifesto also includes foreign policy and accountability.
  8. The last important point of PML-N manifesto includes implementation of legal constitution and militancy.

On the whole after discussing the PML-N elections 2024 manifesto it is easy to conclude that the above mentioned points shows the manifesto of Pakistan Muslim League-Manifesto. The above mentioned points clearly shows the mission and goal of political party. In the final conclusion, we can say that we should say best to luck to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz that should get success in the general elections for the implementation of their manifesto successfully.

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