PTI Islamabad Jalsa Girls Pictures 30 November 2014

On November 30, 2014 Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf (PTI) is doing biggest jalsa ever in capital of Pakistan Islamabad D chowk (Azadi Square Islamabad). PTI chairman Imran Khan afore said that’s a final decision and possibility of resignation to PM Nawaz Sharif.

That PTI jalsa came to the expectations as thousands of peoples were a part of that jalsa in capital of Pakistan D chowk, and different aspect government and district administration were absolutely prevented jalsa in Islamabad D Chowk on 30th November.

Imran khan the chairman of Pakistan Tahreek-e insaf had declared some points of his agenda in jalsa of 30th November in which he said :

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As a nation we tend to cannot progress as long as our economy depends international donors The policies of international lenders have strangulated the capability of the standard national to measure a lifetime of dignity. We  should try for independency. The goal of independency doesn’t in any method imply that we tend to isolate ourselves from the worldwide economy.

It solely shows our conviction that by restoring the trust of the folks publicly establishments we will harness their potential and mobilize them for a far better tomorrow.

We are committed to political stability through credible democracy, transparency in government and answerableness of leadership. To determine a simply society supported humane values whereas unceasingly upholding the conceit of the state.

A huge mob of people gathered on this jalsa at D chowk on 30th November. Girls, boys, women, old and young all were there at jalsa. Mostly PTI is recognized as a party of youth.

Check out PTI Islamabad Jalsa Girls Pictures 30 November 2014 below.

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