Punjab International Sports Festival Closing Ceremony

Punjab International Sports Festival Closing Ceremony: As we know that the Punjab Government has been ruling over the Lahore for the past five years and hence when we figure out their development projects then it would not be wrong to say that one of their finest and top excellent steps was the commencement of the International Youth Sports Festival. This event has been filled with huge sum of the sports that give the taste of pleasure and fun entertainment to the watchers.

In all such games we would definitely mention the name of the Kabadi Games that was held between the India and Pakistan. This was just similar to the cricket match that forces the people to start biting their nails as soon as the game starts giving more tension and nervousness. In addition, there were many such games that were even accompanied in the Youth Sports Festival for making it memorable.

Punjab International Sports Festival Closing Ceremony


After making the people crazy for the games and sports this event is finally departing away from the people of Lahore on 17th November 2012 that is Saturday. This departure will be held in the form of the closing ceremony that will signify all the past special memories and events that are included within the happenings. The ceremony will be undertaken in Hazoori Park in Lahore that will cover Chief Minister of Pakistan Mian Shahbaz Sharif as the Chief Guest and he will even distribute the prizes among the high achievers and winners as well.

In addition to it the closing ceremony will also take account of the chairman of sports festival Hamza Shahbaz, Chairman Member of the event organizers Rana Mashood and DG Sports Punjab Usman Anwar with the company of MPA and MNA. After talking away from the event we will certainly appreciate the management staffs that control the full proof security for carrying out all the functions.

Every single process was carried out perfectly and even entertains the people to its highest peak. On the whole we would say that such events of International Youth Sports Festival should always be commenced within Pakistan every year because this will certainly motivate the young generation and talents to come inward and show down their skills and magnitude height. Even we would say that such entertainment settings should be arranges for every separate province. Let’s see that which province will be decorated next year for International Youth Sports Festival.

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