Ride Star Hybrid Bike Price In Pakistan 2024 | Specs & Features

Ride Star Hybrid Bike Price In Pakistan 2024: Innovative hybrid motorcycle offering fuel and electric power. Priced at PKR 285,000, with 170-180 km mileage. Eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and versatile. Book now for a game-changing ride.

In the Pakistani automobile market, Ride Star has introduced a groundbreaking hybrid motorcycle that operates on both fuel and electricity.

This innovative two-wheeler has garnered significant attention, with people eagerly inquiring about the Ride Star Bike 70Cc Price in Pakistan 2024, which is priced at approximately PKR 285,000.

Ride Star Hybrid Bike 

Ride Star has revolutionized the Pakistani motorcycle market with the introduction of the Ride Star Hybrid Bike, a pioneering two-wheeler that seamlessly combines both fuel and electric power. This exceptional hybrid bike offers an array of features that cater to the evolving needs of riders in Pakistan.

Ride Star Bike Price in Pakistan
Ride Star Bike Price in Pakistan

Ride Star Key Specs & Features

Specifications Details
Electric Motor Power 1500W
Battery Type 60V 30aH Lithium Phosphate
Charging Time 2 to 3 hours
Mileage (Petrol + Electric) 170 to 180 km
Mileage (Electric Only) 80 to 90 km
Fuel Tank Capacity 7 to 8 Liters

Note: Mileage may vary based on usage.

Ride Star Hybrid Bike Price in Pakistan

Variant Price (PKR)
Ride Star Hybrid 285,000
Ride Star Turbo 135,000
Ride Star Electric RSEV-70 with Lithium Battery 212,000
Ride Star Electric RSEV-100 With Lithium Battery 228,000
Ride Star Electric RSEV-70 with a dry battery 173,000
Ride Star Electric RSEV-100 with a dry battery 193,000
Ride Star RS-70 Regular Model 108,000
Ride Star RS 70 Self-start with Spoke Rim 133,000
Ride Star RS-70 Self Start with Alloy Rims 138,000

These are the available variants and their respective prices for Ride Star motorcycles in Pakistan in 2023.

Why Choose Ride Star Electric Bike?

The Ride Star Electric Bike boasts several advantages, making it an attractive option in the Pakistani market:

Environmentally Friendly: With electric power, there is no fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Cost-Efficient: Operating on electricity is more economical compared to conventional petrol bikes.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Equipped with a 60V, 30aH Lithium battery and a powerful 1500W electric motor.

Impressive Mileage: Offering an average travel range of 180 to 200 km when using both petrol and electric power.

Easy Charging: The bike can be fully charged in just 2 to 3 hours, ensuring convenience for riders.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: By incorporating electric power, riders can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Cost Savings: With the ability to choose between electric and petrol power, riders have the flexibility to control their daily commuting costs, ensuring long-term savings.

Urban-Friendly: The bike’s compact design and efficient electric mode make it ideal for navigating congested urban streets and traffic.

Low Maintenance: Electric motors typically require less maintenance compared to conventional engines, translating to reduced maintenance expenses.

Quiet Operation: Enjoy a quieter and more peaceful ride when using the electric mode, making it an excellent choice for urban areas and residential neighborhoods.

Ease of Use: The Ride Star Hybrid Bike is designed with user convenience in mind, providing a seamless transition between electric and petrol power modes.

Versatile Riding Experience: Whether you need the power of a petrol engine or the efficiency of electric power, this bike adapts to your riding preferences effortlessly.

Booking Information

Ride Star’s Hybrid Bike has generated significant interest in the Pakistani market. To secure your own Ride Star Hybrid Bike, you can book your purchase now. The availability and pricing may vary, so it’s advisable to check with authorized Ride Star dealers for the most up-to-date information and to make your reservation.

Ride Star is making waves in the Pakistani automobile industry with its hybrid and electric bike offerings.

If there are any updates or changes to the Ride Star Bike 70Cc Price in Pakistan 2024, we will promptly provide the latest information. The company is based in Okara, located in the Punjab province, and bookings are currently open for this innovative hybrid motorcycle.

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